Feeling of security


More than five of ten Czechs feel completely or mostly safe in place where they live. In research Hopes and Fears Czech 2017 (Naděje a obavy Čechů 2017) by…

Homeopathy – have we tried?


Four out of five Czechs aged 18–55 years know the concept of homeopathic treatment. More than 40% of them have already tested homeopathic remedies. Women know…

Cooking spoon in one hand, smartphone in the other one?


43% of Internet users in the Czech Republic attend culinary websites with recipes. Due to mobile culinary applications more and more people prepare food…

Costs for current account for young clients fell for three months by 20%, for family use only about 5%


GE Money bank is The Jumper of the Quarter, Czech Savings Bank reached worse position Quarter by Quarter.

It results from August; the seventh wave of FEE…

Wealthier are more tolerant of corruption


The corruption disadvantages those who can’t accept bribes themselves say six out of ten Czechs. In the research Czechs´ Hopes and Fears 2014, executed by…

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