The state pension won´t be enough for life


Only one out of ten Czechs expect to get by with state pension in retirement. In the Czechs´ hopes and fears 2014 research conducted by MindBridge Consulting…

EQUA and CITIBANK provide the best current accounts


Bank account fees vary by several thousand per year

The fourth wave of MindBridge FEE MONITOR firstly brings Equa bank and Citibank as the most advantageous…

Bank loans TEST: Air Bank still leader, new bank loan by Equa follows


In the fourth wave of bank loans parameters test, which performs web Bankovnipoplat­ in cooperation with MindBridge Consulting, test clients went to the…

SmartBanking instead of Internetbanking?


In the last year SmartBanking applications expanded bank offer of another possibility of managing accounts and created a new communication channel. Is…

Do women drink vodka more often than men?


It isn’t true. In terms of frequency of vodka consummation, one fifth (20%) of men and 13% of women drink pure vodka (without any flavor) once a month. On the…