Do women drink vodka more often than men?


It isn’t true. In terms of frequency of vodka consummation, one fifth (20%) of men and 13% of women drink pure vodka (without any flavor) once a month. On the…

Darling, let’s housekeep together


The current situation about housekeeping of Czech households is far from the ideal. It followed from the research on financial literacy – “men, women and…

Komerční banka, Raiffeisen Bank or LBBW? Which bank really pays you for your current account?


We can save CZK 5,000 a year just by careful selection of appropriate bank.

LBBW became the bank with the most advantageous current account condition…

Small and Medium Enterprises: "bank services are worse today than a year ago"


Small and medium businesses are now satisfied with the banks less than a year ago. Most of them bother fee structure or lack of customer service.

Based on a…

See Naples…and choose your bank well


There are the lowest costs involved in bank accounts of LBBW and mBank

Research RETAIL BANKING FEE MONITOR realized by MindBridge Consulting company has…