Darling, let’s housekeep together


The current situation about housekeeping of Czech households is far from the ideal. It followed from the research on financial literacy – “men, women and finance” realized by MindBridge Consulting. Czechs living in couples have the most often (46% of respondents) their own accounts and when they would like to buy something for their household, they agree on it together. However if they could decide, the only third of them would choose such housekeeping.

The respondents consider the highest financial interconnection as ideal situation about housekeeping of households. According to the largest share of respondents (39%) it is ideal to have one or more accounts which are available for both partners in household and where their incomes are sent too. This system use “only” 33% of households. Another and also very preferred model is such where each of couple has separate account and besides they have common account for housekeeping. This model is considered as ideal by 17% of respondents and 6% of questioned use it these days. It is also significant that one tenth of respondents said that while there is only one owner of the account, both incomes are deposited there. (CHART 1 SPOLECNE HOSPODARENI).

Married versus couples without marriage
There is quite difference in share of preferred model of housekeeping between couples who live together without marriage and married people. Unmarried couples most often (62%) choose form of separate accounts and agreement on common expenses whereas married only in 36%. (CHART 2 – SPOLECNE HOSPODARENI SINGLES MARRIED NOW).

Although most of couples housekeep in such manner, they don’t consider it as ideal. In this case there was the largest difference between current and ideal situation. We can observe a decrease of 20 percentage points (ideal for 42% of respondents) in unmarried group and in married group there was a decrease of 10 pp. (26%) – see CHART 3 SPOLECNE HOSPODARENI SINGLES MARRIED IDEAL.

On the contrary husband and wife have the most often (43%) model of one or more common accounts which are available for both of them and where their incomes are deposited. Moreover almost one half of married consider this type of solution as ideal. Singles don’t like this attitude so much. Only 17% of them use it and roughly quarter of them (23%) sees it as ideal.

In point of view what singles really use and which model they’d like to have, the most popular is an option of two separate and one common account. This actually has only 7% of respondents but 25% of respondents would like to use it.

Preferred model of financial housekeeping is independent on gender. Men’s a women’s attitudes are basically the same. We can find some differences between unmarried couples when common household and its funding are only determined and those who are married and thus already housekeep together for some time. What’s more singles are more careful even in future and they’d like to keep higher degree of financial independence than such as have married couples these days. Results indicate that current model of financial housekeeping of married households will change in accordance with trend of social view of institute of marriage. Such as increasing amount of living out of marriage or average age of the first marriage which increased by 7 years in last 20 years.

Clear imagination about partner’s incomes…
Czechs are in question of sharing incomes with their partners very open. 73% of men and 72% of women said that they exactly know how much their partner earns. About one quarter of respondents knows this information roughly. There is only low per cent of people who don’t know partner’s income even roughly whether partner hides it or they aren’t interested in it (see CHART 4 VYDELEK PARTNERA).

Research was realized in August 2012 on representative sample of adult population of the Czech Republic in the age of 25 – 60 years who maintain their common houshold with partner or husband/wife. Size of sample was 1.000 respondents. Utilized method was on-line questioning.

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