Homeopathy – have we tried?


Four out of five Czechs aged 18–55 years know the concept of homeopathic treatment. More than 40% of them have already tested homeopathic remedies. Women know homeopathy more often than men in the survey carried out by MindBridge Consulting. Men use homeopathic treatment a little less often in comparison with women as well.

„The older people are, the more experienced they are and also they have more often reasons for seeking appropriate means to treat illness and difficulties thye have to cope with more often. As expected, awareness of homeopathy correlates with age. Not just the passive but also the personal experience with homeopathy treatment. Women dominate among those who have tried homeopathy,“ says the author of the survey Tomáš Kravka, Executive Director MindBridge Consulting.

Twelve per cents of respondents are fully convinced about effectiveness of homeopathy and further 57 % consider homeopathy as rather effective. While 3 out of 4 women believe in effectiveness of homeopathy, the percentage among men is lower (62 %). A little more than a half of women (52 %) have used homeopathy (men 29 %).

People vote for homeopathy mainly thanks to recommendations of their friends (56 %).

about survey
Survey Homeopathic 2016 was focused on overall attitudes of the population. The research was conducted in June 2016 in a representative sample of 1,000 inhabitants of the Czech Republic, 18–55 years, online polling .

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