Homeopaty in the Czech Republic


Homeopathy is the third best-known method of treatment in the Czech Republic.

Almost one third of Czechs has ever tried this type of treatment in their lives.

This information comes from the research of MindBridge Consulting which was realized in the middle of February 2011 on a sample of n = 1000 internet population in the age of 18–55 years. At the question: „Which of these types of treatment do you know (at least by name)?“ 81 % of respondents just answered homeopathy (after traditional medicine and acupuncture).

Almost one third of Czechs (30 %) has personal experience with homeopathy, either through their own use of homeopathic products or providing homeopathics their families or friends. In 2/3 of all cases there are more family members who use/treat by homeopathics.

The most often reasons for using homeopathy are these facts:
1. homeopathic treatment is natural
2. homeopathic treatment is without side effects
3. homeopathic treatment is effective.

Overall homeopathic treatment is considered as effective by 72% of all respondents asked in the research (both users and non-users).

Over 60 % of users use homeopathic treatment for diseases in winter time, almost quarter as prevention and about 15 % for allergy.

Decision for homeopathic treatment is the most often connected with recommendations of family or friends (52 %), next with recommendations of doctor (38 %) and searching information on internet (26 %).

In general there slightly dominates dissatisfaction with availability and amount of information about homeopathy in the Czech Republic.

Tomáš Kravka
Executive Director

MindBridge Consulting a.s.
market research and marketing consultancy