Komerční banka, Raiffeisen Bank or LBBW? Which bank really pays you for your current account?


We can save CZK 5,000 a year just by careful selection of appropriate bank.

LBBW became the bank with the most advantageous current account condition according the latest MindBridge FEE MONITOR (objective comparison of costs related to current account) carried out in September 2011 among 14 financial institutions (including new and upcoming bank ZUNO or Airbank – which has published fee structure).

FEE MONITOR compared the cheapest solution, which banks can offer young man (Young Single) with lower income and then middle-aged client (Daddy), with higher income, household „2 +2“ using more „account activities“.

In both cases (Young Single and Daddy) LBBW offers services “konto 5 za 50” for the lowest price. Thanks to relatively high standard interest rate clients do not have to pay any cost, but in contrary earn 20 CZK per year respectively 22 CZK.

YOUNG SINGLE (ranking/bank/cu­rrent account annual costs)
1. LBBW CZK –20
2. mBank CZK 108
3. Poštovní spořitelna CZK 460

12. Volksbank CZK 1,864
13. Raiffeisenbank CZK 3,375
14. Citibank CZK 4,296

DADDY (ranking/bank/cu­rrent account annual costs)
1. LBBW CZK –22
2. mBank CZK 208
3. Raiffeisenbank CZK 801

12. GE Money Bank CZK 2,495
13. Volksbank CZK 2,969
14. Citibank CZK 5,220


MindBridge FEE MONITOR based on two defined scenarios.
** Young Single** is a client, who is 25 years old, is single, his net monthly income is CZK 18,000 CZK, account balance is CZK 80,000 and a monthly volume of non-cash transactions is CZK 2,000. Requires a current account with 1 embossed payment card, internet banking, 2 ATM withdrawals (including 1× domestic banks and 1 foreign ATM), 1 incoming payment, 5× outgoing payments)

** Daddy ** is married, has partner and two children, he is 40 years, monthly income CZK 45,000, balance CZK 130,000 and monthly volume of non-cash transactions CZK 3,000. Requires a current account with 1 embossed payment card, another electronic card 1 (for an authorized person), internet banking, ATM withdrawals 3× a month (1× domestic bank ATM and two foreign ATM), 1 incoming payment, 13× outgoing payments.

Standardized requirements of the customer eliminate the different (bundled) offers provided by individual banks.

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