mBank and Česká spořitelna score


Clients decided about bank with the best offer

mBank and Česká spořitelna have the best offer according to bank clients.

This information results from the research of MindBridge Consulting company which was realized at the end of March 2011 on representative sample of population in the age of 18–60 years (n=450). At the question: „Which bank would you say about it has the best offer for people like you these days,“ 18 % of respondents mentioned just mBank and 18 % Česká spořitelna as the only significant representative of major banks. A new Czech bank Fio gained the third place with 12 %.

The same two banks (mBank, ČS) dominated in almost all socio-demographic groups as well. Among top three there were yet Fio banka and Raiffeisen Bank as those with greater frequency.

„Česká spořitelna and mBank dominate in almost all socio-demographic groups.“

Men the most often prefer offer of mBank, Česká spořitelna and as the third Fio banka. In comparison with women who see more banks as convenient. Beside Česká spořitelna and mBank they also mentioned GE Money Bank and with the same representation follow ČSOB, Fio banka and Poštovní spořitelna.

Although mBank and ČS are again the best in all age groups, we can see some differences. Young respondents look for the best offer in newer banks, winners mBank and Fio banka are completed by Česká spořitelna. People in the middle age mentioned beside ČS and mBank also Raiffeisen Bank. In older people surprisingly won mBank too, followed as expected by two large banks – Česká spořitelna and ČSOB.

According to regions Česká spořitelna is an obvious leader in Prague but in Bohemia and Moravia there is the best mBank.

That I’m a client of a bank does not mean that it is the best bank for me.

An interesting view was gained by interconnection of data resulting from questions, which bank you are a client of and which bank has the best offer for people like you. We can observe level of identification of client loyalty and satisfaction with the offer of the own bank.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that some respondents are clients of more banks simultaneously and also different representation of individual banking institutions.

„The best evaluation gained FIO banka, mBank and Česká spořitelna.“

The most surprising was Fio banka, the newest bank in Czech market, which was absolute winner. Almost 83 % of its clients consider their bank as the one with the best offer. As a starting bank it does not have so many clients so that the result is burdened by a relatively large deviation. The second place is occupied by another smaller and relatively new bank, mBank (58 %). The third one was Česká spořitelna (41 %).

They are followed by Poštovní spořitelna, GE Money Bank and Raiffeisen Bank (in this order). On the contrary clients of ČSOB and Komerční banka evaluate the offer of their bank as the best the least often. And the worst one was ING in this view.

Tereza Benešová
Research Executive

MindBridge Consulting a.s.
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