Any way you like.

Send us what do you think is important to survey, or objectives you want to achieve to We will prepare an offer or contact you in case there is something unclear or in case there are any additional parameters required for the design project. The more information you give us in the beginning, the faster our work!

What Is It About?

Description of service or product to be surveyed.

When Does It Need to be Ready?

Whenever you need the offer, whenever you need the results – that will affect the recommended methodology of data gathering.

What Information Will the Survey Bring?

Is the survey supposed to bring some information or is it a price test, test of brand position or test of new product parameters?


If you have a questionnaire, it is the best description. It can even be an older one, used before.

What Are the Limits?

Mostly these include available time, budget that must be met, but also an idea of a methodical solution that is a fixed part of the assignment. But sometimes, you have not only procedure, but interpretation schemes or timelines as well.

And That Is It. The more we understand what you need, the better will our solution suit you. If we know everything, it will feel like second skin.

We need information that is clear and provable. Information, that is reliable and effective. What we say is true. We have proof.

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