In a Manner Convenient and Beneficial for Our Clients.

Sometimes, we talk to the respondents in person, we have a few hundred of colleagues – interviewers – in the Czech Republic. There are truly everywhere, you probably met, or even have been approached, by one of them.

Sometimes, we prefer to talk to respondents on the phone, because it is faster, more cost-effective, and for 5-minute talk, you do not need to go all the way to see them.

If our client has no time and the topic and the target person allows for it, we ask over the Internet. According to the Czech Statistical Institute, almost everyone has Internet access now! That is going to be much more than landlines these days. It is also the easiest and fastest way. However, for some project, especially among older age groups, we recommend using other methods, which are more suitable for the target group.

|   Face to Face Interviewing (CAPI, TAPI, PAPI)

|   Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

|   On-line Interviewing (CAWI, CASI)

|   Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

|   In-Depth Interviews (IDI)

|   Mystery Shopping (MS)

|   Central Location Test (CLT/in-hall test)

|   In-Home Tests

|   Assisted Shopping (AS)

|   Eye Tracking (ETC)