We have evidence to support our claims

We are here for responsible marketers who want their company to grow, for scientists and analysts who want to get valuable information and facts. For those, who want to adopt the best decision possible. We are responsible statisticians, consultants by heart, and our power is interpretation certainty.

I Want to Rely and Trust |

I need information about the market I can rely on and trust. If I know about the pros and cons of a methodological procedure, then I choose MindBridge. Only thus I can stand by my findings.

Clarity First |

When I need research that will produce meaningful and clear results, concepts, and conclusions. Even though I am a statistician, I need a user-friendly presentation for my colleagues.

Full-service |

When I need a research designed based on knowledge of combination of approaches, qualitative and quantitative, consumer preferences and new product interest rate prediction and services based on models of these parameters. Thanks to wide methodological foundations, we are not limited in methodology when searching for an answer required by our client.

Truth, Openness |

When I need clear and verifiable information. Information that is known to be reliable and efficient. What we say is true. We have evidence.

Quality Standards |

When information I need must be assorted, standardized, meet international quality standards. ESOMAR and SIMAR are a source of minimum quality standards for us.

We Know How to Ask Questions |

Everyone knows how to do that. Good questions in a research are a result of a linguistic feeling, use of words under which the consumers know the subject of the survey, sense of unequivocal meaning. And experience. At least 25 years, then it gets easy. We know how to ask our clients about what they need before the survey. And the wider context. Thus, we will not only deliver what you order, but also what you really need to know. Expectations and needs are made one.

Something Unusual |

When the marketing problem seems to be too difficult, unique, complex or impossible to crack. We have encountered most of the “impossible” assignments and, working with the client, made them possible.

Something Illegal |

Not here. We abide by law.

After 30 years of working in research, consulting and management positions, we know how it works and what information is needed on specific management levels.