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Financial Services |

Where we deposit money to, or borrow from, where we insure ourselves against risks, where the interest rate is important and where they serve hot coffee and offer comfy chairs when we are getting our mortgage. Where they know, what APR is, where they can block our card when we lose it on our holiday.

Tourism |

Where shall we go for holiday? What shall we do there? And with whom? And how much will we spend? Under what conditions decisions about destination and way to enjoy travels around the Czech Republic and the world, are made? What do we think about Croatia? And Greece? And what are our associations with travelling to Thailand? We wonder which transport to take, what to expect from the journey and what will make us think about a different destination this year. About a change. About a “dream holiday”.

Utilities |

Where we need energy, when we want to cook on gas or electricity, to shed more light on something, where there should not be cold in winter and hot in summer, where the garbage is collected in front of our door and where we can take a refreshing shower.

Public Administration |

I have lost my ID, that is going to be a huge task. How easy and intuitive it is to find an institution on the Internet? Or in person? How to find out what do you need for a new ID, for your wedding, or to get social support? And are they also open on Wednesday or on Friday? And what about all the forms? Shall I take a pen? How do we want to communicate with the authorities?


Yoghurts, cheese, chocolate, energy drinks, ready-made meals, flour, sugar, eggs. That is not a shopping list. This is the food that we see in our fridge, freezer, pantry, or on a table set for a birthday celebration. And non-edible stuff, like detergents, when you need to clean after the party, cosmetics, masks, washing powder, wet wipes for travels, simply most of the stuff produced by Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter&Gamble, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Danone.

Automotive |

Cars! Fast, useful, beautiful, big, electrical, family, safe and representative. And off-roads! All around cars and car accessories, but prices as well! And fuel, that is a big topic. But what about car insurance and casco? No, those are included in the financial services. Not needed here.

Social Services and Healthcare |

This is different, this is about life and death. Or health. What is the health of the population? What preventive care is being adopted and what is the share of self-treatment of selected diseases? Which hospitals have the happiest patients? And who will give me the best advice? My GP, a specialist, or a pharmacist? Where do I shop OTC? Is red pill more effective than the white pill with the same active ingredient? Yes.